men's wallet with zipper pocketA new generation of Lite wallets is here. Equally small, equally light but now, with a zippered pocket for coins.

We like knowing your opinion and we know you love Lite wallet, but some of you told us you also need to take some coins. We thought about it very hard because we want to make you happy, and we got it! The new Lite wallet has a zipper pocket for coins.

We changed the design, making an effort for keeping the wallet as slim as the original one. The coin pocket is in the interior and closes with a zip. This way you can keep on taking it either in your back pocket or in a small handbag without any bulk!

Lite wallet is made using a 100% cotton fabric, hand screenprinted and carefully sewed in our tiny studio. As always, it is made with love and respect for Nature.
A fabric wallet is the best option if you want a vegan wallet and enjoying a plastic free life:-)

These are the new patterns, available in three elegant colours. Choose the one that better fits your style!

Which one is your favourite?

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