Banner about Olula

Olula is a brand of handmade products inspired by what we love most: Nature. Our products are carefully handcrafted in our tiny studio in Madrid, in an eco-friendly way.

We set Olula up more than 10 years ago with the wish of offering high quality handmade goods, bright, colourful and easy to wear.

Little by little Olula was growing and we increased the kind of products, the techniques and materials we use.

Now we design a wide range of accessories, bags and living goods such as screen-printed cushions, blankets, soft toys…

We are originally from Madrid, Spain, where our studio and showroom is. Every single product we sell come either from our workshop or from some collaborations with other local crafters.

We love Nature and want to take care of it. Our products are made with cotton or linen fabrics, merino wool and wood from sustainable forestry.

We design products thought not to be used and thrown, but to stay with you, making you happy, for years and years!

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