things i love misako mimoko

I don’t remember when I knew the work (and world) of Misako Mimoko nor when I first met Eva Monleón, the imaginative mind behind this brand. I think I’ve been loving her unique universe since forever.


There are some brands, I do not know why, I feel very close. I follow their trajectory, their successes and achievments and celebrate them as much as if they where mine. Misako Mimoko is one of them. Maybe it’s just because their work makes me feel so happy.

I am thrilled to introduce to you the magic universe of Misako Mimoko


In her own words, Eva makes dolls, craft tutorials and teaches how to enjoy embroidering… but most of all, she dreams, cooks, bakes and dances in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

She finds the inspiration in nature, pop culture, tales, and magic creatures. Naïve art, the Muppets, Calder’s Circus, Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh… and is also a great books lover.

She’s been selling her handmade artwork since 2008, which has been always received with enthusiasm. You can find her amazing creations at her shop online.

I love how she creates with her pictures a special atmosphere around her charming objects, no matter if it’s a candle girl, a ceramic peanut pendant, or one of my lifelong favourites, fake watch braceletes.


She is also the author of an embroidery book: La hora del té and is a regular contributor of Handmade Charlotte.

If you are now in love with Misako Mimoko and want to be updated with her adorable new  projects, this is her Instagram acount.

I hope Misako Mimoko keeps making us happy for years and years!

(All pictures are from Misako Mimoko website, except the last one, which is from Handmade Charlotte website)