Tapir soft toy gray


Soft toy Tapir in gray, handmade with wool felt.

+++++ “Oh my god oh my god this is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. I squealed when I opened it. Ordered for a baby gift, now I want to order one for myself!!! Great shipping response, lovely packaging. Beautiful, unique design work in Cris’s shop.” Iva

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Soft toy Tapir in gray, handmade by Olula.

Surely, you have seen it on documentary films and know a couple of things about this amazing animal. It looks like a mixture of a rhinoceros and a horse, because belongs to both families. They live in the rain forests and are pretty primitives. But they are incredibly cute, aren´t they?

You can choose among four different colors or having the whole family gathered at home. Do not worry, they are pretty quite…

Hand-sewn with high quality 100% wool felt

COLOURS AVAILABLE: red, blue, yellow & gray

SIZE: 3.9” tall x 6.3” wide. (10 cm x 16 cm)

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