Handmade products by Olula. Bright & colorful accessories to cheer up your day! Buy online our collection of handmade products carefully made in our tiny studio in Madrid. We ship worldwide! Unique necklaces, wallets, pouches to be used as pencil cases or make-up bags, shopping bags, tote bags, handbags & crossbody bags. All handcrafted by ourselves using environmentally friendly materials & technics. We design and sell quality accessories for yourself or for your friend as a gift. Our fabrics, 100% cotton, are handscreen printed by ourselves and then carefully handmade to last.
Shop online handmade products by Olula, we ship worldwide! Buy home goods & accessories for you or to give away & stuff for the little ones, handcrafted in our tiny studio in Madrid. We sell bright & colorful decorative pillows, kitchenwares such as tea towels, lunch bags, tote bags, handbags, pouches to be used us pencil cases or make-up bags, necklaces, soft toys... A wide range of home décor products and accessories to chher up your day!
Handmade products, bright & colorful. New stuff coming soon by Olula. We are preparing a very special collection fully inspired by Nature. We are very excited with them because they will cheer up your home! Our new collection includes throw pillows, tote bags, kitchenwares wares such us tablemats & napkins, and a very special collection of fabrics by the metre for the very first time. Sign up to our newsletter to be updated with all this news from Olula.