things i love lieke vandervorst

It is really hard for me when someone asks me about my favourite film or my favourite song or mi favourite color.  Only with Liek van der Vorst´s work is easier. I would not mind  filling up all  my rooms with her illustrations, and I guess that makes her kinda my favourite illustrator.


What I like the most of her work is not only is fully inspired by Nature, but also it shows a great love for it.

She herself says she was born on a tiny dutch village and summers, spent with her parents on a campsite on the Provence of France, among the lavender fields, had a great impact on her job and life.

I really like the scenes where someone appears taking care of a vegetable garden, watering plants or walking around on the countryside. I also love the intensity of the colors, the use of black… I like everything! It was pretty hard selecting just a bunch of illustrations for this post.
In her everyday life Lieke tries to be respectful with the environment, and for her illustrations and bags uses ecological materials and water based inks.

If you want to know a bit more about Liek van der Vorst, you can follow her Instagram account or visit her website (she also has an online shop). In the section News, you can also see her works for magazines and books.
What do you think about this artist job? Can you choose just one single print?