things i love: aogoromo

In this blog I´ll also share with you the work of brands, designers and illustrators I deeply admire. Since I am crazy with Japan, let´s start with a japanese brand: Ao-goromo.

brands i love aogoromo

Telling you the truth, there is not much I can tell you about this brand but “ao” is  blue in Japanese. Not finding anything in the Internet in English, I am going to tell you my own experience.

I knew this brand just by chance, in a multi-brand Tokyo store specialised in scarves. I saw they had a shop in Kyoto, so decided to include it in my “Things to do in Kyoto”.

Appart from being located in a beautiful building, everything inside is amazing.

With bright colors and patterns inspired in Japanese motifs, they make clothes, handbags, scarves, socks, cushions and even shoes! In the second floor, you can buy fabric by the meter.


I bought these socks and an indigo dyed cushion. Unfortunately, dresses were too big for me :(

I’m still wondering why didn’t buy some fabrics…

If you are going to Kyoto, I recommend you including  Ao-goromo in your agenda.

They have a shop online, but don’t know if  shipping is worldwide (I need to discover it!).

This is their Instagram account.

What do you think about this original brand? Will you pack your suitcase with their products if travelling to Kyoto?

(All pictures are from Ao-goromo website except the one of the building, which is Micelle´s website).