housewarming gift mushrooms tea towel

A few months ago, we discovered how fun it is mushrooms hunting. We can do two wonderful things, at the same time: walking around on the countryside and eating yummy food. We are learning a bit more each time and gets more exciting. We already have, of course, the whole kit for the perfect aficionado: wicker basket, knife, brush and some manuals for not being intoxicated ;P 

With all this source of inspiration around, couldn’t help including some mushrooms stuff to our collection: We are glad to introduce you the Mushrooms tea towel.

When started to read about mushrooms, I was surprised for the huge variety of them. Some of them are completely different from others, but sometimes there are very little nuances. They are fun, surprising and kinda Martians, so I decided to draw them all.

tea towel for nature lovers

You can find a selection on this tea towel. There are some which are perfectly recognizables and others are more generic but, if you know something about mushrooms, you will probably identify some of them.

I have already told you I love tea towels for their versatility. Mainly use them either as a place mat or for drying my hands in the kitchen. This one, besides, has become part of our mushrooms hunting kit.

So, what are you going to use it for?