Tapir soft toy in red


Handmade soft toy Tapir in red.

+++++ “This wonderful and sweet little tapir just arrived on my doorstep. It is a real darling. I will make sure it feels at home!” Hanspols

+++++ “Hola Cris! Emilio the red tapir arrived safely. Thank you for sending him so quickly. He’s gorgeous and beautifully made. Thank you for all your emails and excellent service. Un abrazo.” Ana X.

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Handmade soft toy Tapir in red.

What do you know about this amazing animal? It looks like a mixture of a rhinoceros and a horse, because belongs to both families. They live in the rain forests and are pretty primitives. But they are very nice, aren´t they?

The best way for enlighten that bland shelf. It is perfect as well, as a decorative soft toy for the kid´s room. They love Tapirs!

It was carefully hand-sewn with high quality 100% wool red felt.

COLOURS AVAILABLE: red, blue, yellow & gray.

MEASURES: 3.9” tall x 6.3” wide. (10 cm x 16 cm)

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