Birds are back, like every Spring, and inspired us a lot. This baby blanket of swallows is made with super soft merino wool, so that your baby will be warm, cozy and happy.


swallows baby blanket green

Since we release baby blanket, we want to tell you how and where it was made.

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For all our wool products we only use merino wool, which has incredible properties. It is very light, warm, breathable and antibacterial, so it is ideal for making goods for babies. Besides it also has a nice soft touch and is very resistant, it always looks like brand new!

swallows baby blanket green

Swallow baby blanket was knitted in Madrid, in a tiny familiar workshop. It is quite important for us that all our products are made in a sustainable way and being respectful with Nature. When we cannot make things by ourselves, we look for small local artisans to give us a hand with production without giving up our values.

swallows baby blanket green

We are very happy for counting with suppliers who share our way of doing things and with customers who value quality, durability and small productions, in opposition to nowadays fast fashion consumption.