Behind the Forest tote bag there is a story of love and respect for Nature.

Pattern Forest by OlulaThe printing has some typical trees from the Iberian Peninsula: Pine trees, Cypresses and Holm oaks. All of them are evergreen, with tones of dark green and rough barks. Just the kind of trees I did not like much.

I preferred postcard landscapes of poplars, weeping willow trees, maples and green meadows. Did not pay much attention to the nearest countryside I had around, which thought was pretty arid and boring.

As time went by, and because of walking them a lot, I began to notice the shape of leaves, fruits and a huge variety of inhabitants. Even though I still think the changing color of the leaves in Autumm is one of the most attractive shows of Nature, I do not change my Pine trees, Cypresses and Holm oaks for anything in the world.

This printing is a tribute to all those dear trees.

It is an organic cotton fabric, environmentally friendly printed. The bags are hand sewing, one by one, in our tiny workshop.

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