Tomorrow is Internation Polar Bear Day. To celebrate with you this exciting day, all our products with polar bears pattern are 15% off with the code POLAR BEAR DAY*.

(valid until end 5th, March).

Besides, to commemorate this important day, we made a re-edition of our cushion Alaska.

There are few units available, be quick if you want some cute polar bears resting on your coach!

Merino wool scarf big size

Check our website to see the scarves, blankets and cushions with polar bears print.

Alaska scarf in blue made of pure Merino wool. Made in Spain by Olula

Internation Polar Bear Day is a global event that draws attention to the challenges polar bears face in the warming Arctic and how each of us can help.
As you know, polar bears are one of our favourite animals and play a leading role in many of our articles, that’s why we want to join this important day by spreading awareness about the effect of climate change in the habitat of this amazing animal.

Learn more about how we can contribute in conserving Polar Bears in their sea ice home visiting the website of Polar Bear InternationalYou can even adopt a polar bear!

Here you can read tips on how individual actions make a great impact on reducing greenhouse gas emission

We also want to recommend you this link. It’s a polar bear tracker, where you can watch polar bears as they travel across the sea ice.

Osos polares

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