We always support local shops and industries, that is why we try to buy raw materials in our city and look for nearby collaborators. Like the workshop where the wood comes from for these birds.

It was really hard finding a supplier which understood our needs, advised us rightly and gave us the ends we wanted but, once we found it, we cannot be happier.

They use for Olula´s projects wood from sustainable forests and are very careful and patient with us. Just what we need!

Once birds are properly cut, it is our turn to finish them in our studio.

We start sanding them carefully, by hand, until getting a smooth finish. Then, we paint them, by hand again, with water based inks which are environmentally friendly.

After putting the hook for hanging, we wax each one with a handmade mixture of oils and beeswax… made by ourselves, as well ^  ^

Birds wall décorIt is pretty lovely making products when you deal with charming people, enjoying every part of the process and working with love and respect for Nature.

We hope you love our birds, as much as we do while making them.


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